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your beauty is safe here

We’re celebrating our newest service, Sacred Readings with candi dugas!

sacred reading general reading 6.22 youtube cover

Weekly we publish free, general readings on YouTube, and you may also order your own personal readings as well. This week only (through Saturday, 30 June 2018), all readings are 50% off in honor of this celebration.

Watch our latest general reading, “Your Beauty Is Safe Here.”

I look forward to hearing from you!


candi (claircognizant, clairsentient, empath)

the comfort of the merry-go-round

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the comfort of the merry-go-round

I am stumped. I hope you can help me understand.

Our discomfort with our bodies is well-documented:

  • lifestyle curable illnesses
  • eating disorders
  • media’s perpetuation of society’s objectification, denigration and glorification of certain bodies
  • women’s particular obsession with weight-loss, plastic surgery, and other beautification processes
  • women’s particular issues re sex and sexuality

I get all the reasons why we have the above list.

What I don’t get is what it will take for us to get off the merry-go-round of the love-hate relationship we have with our bodies?

Most of us can recognize this dichotomous nature of relating to our bodies. Yet we seem content to cycle ceaselessly between embrace and repulsion.

What will make it time to get off this ride?

Is it that we don’t get how harmful it is to us?

Do we not see that it limits not only our own potential, but that of our families and communities?

Is it that we think our potential is not limited the way things are?

Please. Help me understand!

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