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the black woman’s soul

“Go to water. It may be lake, river or sea.
It does not matter , so long as the source is clean.
Each makes it’s own kind of poultice for sickness.
Here you will find healing,
though it may not be in the form you are seeking.

You must go to the water.
You must take what it offers.
You must yield what it asks of you.
You must submit to its tenderness.
You must leave when it is time, though it is never time for leaving.
You must walk away still thirsty,
with the sound of its pouring ringing in your ears.”
“Coming to water” ~Nicolas Slee

13 January 2014 – I’ve often wondered if black women would ever summon enough nerve to walk out on the Church in protest of its patriarchy and stubborn unwillingness to address its own faults.



(c) 2014 candi dugas, llc

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