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african americans in the media

“No Hollywood film of any black image is the result of a single individual’s inspiration or effort, but it is a collaborative venture in which aesthetics, economics, and politics share (sometimes antagonistic ally) influences … . [There are] combined effects of sometimes intersecting and indistinct lines of force that shape the black image …, that constructs black people as as other and subordinate, while it naturalized white privilege as the invisible but sovereign “norm”; … . [Also present is the] challenge of freedom-seeking black social consciousness and political activism, which opposes not only the ways black people are depicted on the screen but also demands a larger role in all aspects of the film industry [from directing to distribution].” ~Ed Guerrero, Framing Blackness: The African American Image in Film

NOTE: While Guerrero writes about the film industry, we can apply his insight to all forms of mainstream media.

13 January 2014 – Kerry Washington’s recent hosting of Saturday Night Live brought attention to the fact that there is not even one black female cast member on the show. SNL immediately responded with auditions and hired Sasheer Zamata.


Image: USA Today

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