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It’s hot as in trending in social media or a top news story.

OR it could be hot because the issue deserves our attention, planning and action.

However it’s hot, join with us at sexNspirit to share information, insight and ways to implement change for the better. Check out the topics below that interest you & share your thoughts with us!

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  1. William Green

    Your important work is critical for men as well, & folks of different races, The links on your web site don’t seem to work. What is your contact information, esp. email? Thank you for your outstanding “Who Told You That You Were Naked?”

    • thank you so much! yes, since sharing my work, i am learning how it is helpful for men and sisters and brothers of other ethnicities. i am grateful for that!

      have you read yet Who Told You?

      re my website (, right?), it is best viewed in either safari or firefox for browsers. are you having issues using either one of these?

      i can be reached via &/or 404.287.0719.

      thank you again for reaching out!



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