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your beauty is safe here

We’re celebrating our newest service, Sacred Readings with candi dugas!

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Weekly we publish free, general readings on YouTube, and you may also order your own personal readings as well. This week only (through Saturday, 30 June 2018), all readings are 50% off in honor of this celebration.

Watch our latest general reading, “Your Beauty Is Safe Here.”

I look forward to hearing from you!


candi (claircognizant, clairsentient, empath)

why sexNspirit?

sexNspirit is just one outlet for a huge conversation that desperately needs to happen, first among women and especially heart treeamong women of faith.

This sense of urgency to talk is heightened particularly at this time, given the recent economically privileged, white male dominated, and politically driven incredible rhetoric regarding proposed government regulations of female bodies and sexuality (i.e., contraception, abortion, etc.).

The faith part is important as well. In this Judeo-Christian (Protestant) founded country, despite our constitutionally guaranteed right to the freedom of religion, the reality is that many of our land’s laws and ideals have deep roots in this puritanical, westernized version of Christianity. These roots cause many women of faith either to choose between her faith and her fullness of life or to live in a rather schizoid manner regarding her body and her spirituality. That’s not living in freedom.

My current research reveals that we have more options than these two.  A woman’s life does not have to be so limited. We don’t have to be either the Madonna or the Whore. There’s at least a 3rd option – and probably several more. We can create enough safe space to figure out these options – to reclaim our goodness as sexual and spiritual beings.

If this is the kind of conversation for the women in your network, please email me ( We can discuss ways to create such space in your community.

FYI – please check the “welcome” post for key definitions – sexuality, spirituality, & religion.

sexNspirit – it’s about more than just penetration . . .

(c) 2012 candi dugas, llc


Welcome to sexNspirit!

It’s not just talking about sex – it’s about:

  • the full consideration of sexuality
  • sexual freedom for women of faith
  • considering the integration of sexuality and spirituality in a safe space
  • creating enough safe space to question what we’ve always been told
  • being safe in our wondering about thoughts we may not speak out loud in our normal settings

If you’d like your participation here to be anonymous to the public, please create an anonymous user name. Only I will see your email address. However, you may also use/create an email address other than the one you use frequently to further protect your identity.

A few working definitions:

  • “‘[Sexuality] is who we are as body-selves who experience the emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual need for intimate communion – human and divine’ (i.e., consideration of a phenomenon beyond simple physical sexual intercourse.)
  • Spirituality is a person’s fluid, intangible intimate interaction with her Deity. ‘Faith’s original impulse and essence . . ., raw encounters with the divine.’ Spirituality ‘conveys process [and] depth . . . that ebb and flow with the development of individuals’ (e.g., extemporaneous prayer time, leaving participation in rituals such as holy communion, etc. with meaning and/or a sense of particular engagement/connection with her Deity, etc.).
  • For the purposes of this [blog], religion is ‘thin’ spirituality. That is, it is a reduction of the ‘essence’ of a person’s faith to a “formula.” Or it is a reduction to superficial ‘repetitive . . . engagement[s].’ (i.e., recitations of learned prayers, participation in rituals such as holy communion, etc. without meaning and/or engagement, connection, etc.)

~ candi dugas, Who Told You that You Were Naked?

Thank YOU for joining us!

(c) 2012 candi dugas, llc

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