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ALL adults (18+) who are sincerely concerned about the holistic well-being of women are welcomed to contribute to this blog regardless of ethnicity, color, faith/belief tradition (or the absence of one), sexual orientation/preference, or marital status.

We encourage candid discussion; this is not a clinically correct site. You may use language that some may consider “colorful” or label as “slang”; however, let’s not cross the gratuitously vulgar line. Particularly, we require that you keep your comments respectful of others’ thoughts, opinions, faith, and beliefs. To help with these considerations we will preview all comments before they are posted. Any comments that we deem gratuitously vulgar or disrespectful will either be edited or not posted.

If you’d like your participation here to be anonymous to the public, please create an anonymous user name. Only I will see your email address. However, you may also use/create an email address other than the one you use frequently to further protect your identity.

sexNspirit grew out of my Doctor of Ministry research completed in 2012 at Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA – which is now a book available on

Again, while the research focused on single, heterosexual, Protestant, African-American women of Generation X, ALL adult (18+) women are welcome to contribute to this blog regardless of ethnicity, color, faith/belief tradition (or the absence of one), sexual orientation/preference or marital status.

To learn more about me, please visit my website. You may also shoot me an email (cdugas at candidugas dot com) anytime with your questions and comments.

Thank you for your interest in sexNspirit!


NOTE: The work and opinions expressed via our web site, social media sites, blogs, etc. belong to candi dugas, llc and are not necessarily those of our clients, partners and networks.

(c) 2017, 2012 candi dugas, llc

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  1. love your site. Am intrigued by so much that i have just read in various posts. I have a question/ request. I am trying to get as much information as I can on first century worship practices of the feminine goddess. (The Great Mother. Cybel, Aphrodite) I am interested in further exploring the idea that these form the backdrop to Pauls arguments in Romans 1 which have been wrongly linked to gay s-x. Some of my delvings into this can be seen here. and the posts around it.

    Have you come across other researchers who might help me in this? Point me in some new directions? I would appreciate any help you can give.

    My email is


    • thanks so much!

      i will check out your posts.

      i’ve heard/read around goddess worship & some of the other ancient practices/activities that traditional/conservative biblical scholarship does not take into account. i know a few folks i can ask. i’ll be back in touch.


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